Media badges at Sea-Air-Space will be granted to media working in defense, STEM or national news only. This includes broadcast media, online media and print media. The Navy League reserves the right to ask for proof of these beats by requesting samples of past work prior to approving your registration.

Media accreditation will not be granted to publishers, account managers, sales representatives, PR/marketing and non-editorial media professionals or anyone whose principal purpose for attending is for reasons other than covering it as working news media. These individuals must register as a regular attendee, regardless of whether they’ve received media credentials in the past.

A media badge includes access to all sessions and events that are not marked as closed to press, the exhibitor show floor, and our keynote luncheons and after-hours events (eating not permitted).

Ask a Question

Contact the Navy League communications department for any questions about registering as media, scheduling a press briefing or other communications needs.

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